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سلام از غیبت چند ماهم عذرخواهی میکنم امیدوارم بتونم به قوت قبل ادامه بدم

با این تفاوت که دیگه توی این وبلاگ کلمات کلاسهای کیش رو نمینوسم.

موضوعات و آپها همه به صورت موضوع محور توسط خودم در این وبلاگ گذاشته میشوند

مرسی از حضور همتون

[ یکشنبه یازدهم دی 1390 ] [ 8:46 ] [ rare ] [ ]
modest: some one who does not want to talk about their abilities and achievement

casual: relaxed and not worried

تلفات casualty: some one who is hurt or killed in an accident or war

:high school levels

      first:fresh man     second:sophomore         third:junior              fourth:senior

rip off:some thing that is unreasonably expensive

rip something up:to tear some thing into pieces

panic: a sudden strong feeling of fear or nervousness that make you unable to think clearly

factual=indeed: based on facts

[ سه شنبه دوم فروردین 1390 ] [ 10:23 ] [ rare ] [ ]

قلع tin: a soft silver white metal that is often used to cover or protect iron and steel

انجام دادن صورت گرفتن accomplish: to succeed in doing some thing especially after trying very hard

افراط زیاده روی  extravagant: spending or costing a lot of money especially more than is necessary

splash out: spend a lot of money on some thing

مالک  proprietor: an owner of a business

surplus: an amount of something that is more than what is needed

sincere: a feeling or statement that is sincere is honest and true and based on what you really feel

broadly: relating to main facts rather than details

hurtled: moves or falls very fast

 گچ :plaster

 نوار حاشیه :braid

تخم مرغی :oval

 بوته :bush

[ دوشنبه یکم فروردین 1390 ] [ 10:11 ] [ rare ] [ ]

maternity leave: time that a mother is allowed to spend away from work when she has baby

golden hand shake: a large amount of money give to some one when they leave their job

severance pay: money that you get when you have to leave a company

wrinkle: wrinkles are lines on your face and sin that you  get when you are old

hang out: to spend a lot of time in a particular place with particular people

unforeseen: it is a situation that you did not expect to happen

cattle: cows that kept on a farm for their meat or milk

pay off: if some thing you do pays off it is successful or has a good result

precious: some thing that is precious is valuable and important and should not waste

from scratch: if you start some thing from scratch you begin it without ant thing that existed before

 اعتصاب غذا  :hunger strike

اقلیت :minority 

[ شنبه بیست و هشتم اسفند 1389 ] [ 15:23 ] [ rare ] [ ]

کار یکنواخت و سخت grind: something that is hard work and physically and mentally tiring

well being: a feeling of being comfortable_healthy and happy

وادار کردن impose: to force some one to have the same idea as you

take over: to take control of something

حقیقی خالص genuine: a genuine feeling is one that you really feel not one you pretend to feel

محروم کردن deprived: to prevent someone from having something especially

something that you need

زود رنج.کج خلق irritable: getting annoyed quickly or easily

سستی بیحالی lethargic: feeling as if you have no energy and no interest in doing any thing

قطع کردن ترکیدن از هم پاشیدن :burst

داوطلبانه :voluntary

دفتر خاه دفتر :bureau

[ جمعه بیست و هفتم اسفند 1389 ] [ 17:36 ] [ rare ] [ ]

زندانی prisoner: some one who is kept in a prison as a legal punishment

جراح surgeon: a doctor who does operation in a hospital

initiative: the ability to make decision and take action without waiting for some  ابتکار one to tell you what to do

by all account: according to what a lot of people say

funnily enough: we use this to say that some thing is unexpected or strange

gosh: used to express surprise

خارق العاده مرموز weird:very strange and unusual and difficult to understand or explain

آموزگار ورزشی instructor: some one who teaches a sport or practical skill

[ پنجشنبه بیست و ششم اسفند 1389 ] [ 12:48 ] [ rare ] [ ]

احترام گذاشتن look up to some one: to admire or respect some one

show off: some one who tries to show how clever or skilled they are so that others will admire them

پز داد ن.به رخ کشیدن

get on: if people get on they like each other

make it up: to become friendly with some one again after you have had argument

پیراستن.اصلاح کردن modify:to make small change some thing in order to improve it

فدا کردن.وقف کردن اختصاص دادن devoted: giving some one or some thing a lot love and attention

الگو برداری take after: to look or behave like an older relative

meet up: to meet some one in order to do some thing together

 fancy:to like or want some thing

diversion: a change in the direction or use of some thing or act of changing it

[ چهارشنبه بیست و پنجم اسفند 1389 ] [ 21:25 ] [ rare ] [ ]

هف هف یا تپ تپ کردن     thud:the low sound made by a heavy object hitting

some thing else

موریانه          termite: an insect that eats wood from trees and building

  تغ تغ کردن تلق تلق کردن      rattle: make a quick series of short sounds

جیغ و فریاد  squeak:to make a short high noise or cry that not loud

ناله کردن groan: to make a long deep sound because you are in pain

شیون جیغ زدن whimper: to make a low crying sound or speak in this way

تراشیدن.خراشیدن پنجول scrape:to remove some thing from a surface using of a knife

زوزه کشیدنhowl: along loud sound of dog or wolf

صدای بلند ناشی از شکستن crash:to make a sudden loud noise

صدای لولای روغن نخورده creak: long high noise of door or wooden floor or


خمیازه :snore

یورتمه :trot

[ شنبه بیست و یکم اسفند 1389 ] [ 12:22 ] [ rare ] [ ]

تقلید imitation: when you copy some one else action

اردوگاه barracks: a building which soldiers live

انجام داد هدایت کردن conduct: to carry out a particular activity especially in order to get information

 or prove facts

انجام کاری که مستلزم برنامه ریزی است.to carry out to: to do some thing that need to be organized and planned

خبره ماهر sophisticated: having a lot of experience of life and good judgement about socially art

گرایش.تمایلtrend: a general tendency in the way of changing or developing

نظر خواهی poll:the process of finding out what people think about some thing by asking question

فاش کردن.برملا کردن reveal: to make known some thing that was previously secret or unknown

انبوهی.تراکم.چگالی density: the degree to which an area is filled with people or things

اختلالات عصبی neurosis: a mental illness that makes some one unreasonably worried or frightened

شخص متعصب fanatic: some one who has extreme political or religious idea and often dangerous

peer:your peers are the people who are the same age as you or who have the same type of job  همتا.جفت social class

نگهداری کردن.حمایت کردن. maintaining:to make some thing continue in the same way as before

superficial: not studying or looking at some thing carefully

سرسری.سطحی.سوری or seeming to have a particular quality although this is not true or real

بدتر شدن deteriorate: to become worst

 تجدید نظر بازبینی.مرور revision: the work of studying facts again in order to learn them

ساختگی.تقلیدی mock:not real but intended to be very similar to real

[ سه شنبه دهم اسفند 1389 ] [ 14:26 ] [ rare ] [ ]

sibling:brothers or sisters

محتوی    content:the things that are inside a box or etc

فرق واضح distinction:a clear different and separation between two similar things

occupation:a job or profession

درک.روند ادراک cognitive: process of knowing or understanding

پیگیری pursuit:when some one tries to get or achieve or find some thing in a determined way

درد و اضطراب ناگهانی. pang:a sudden feeling of pain or sadness

متعاقب.بعدی subsequent:happening or coming after some thing else

چشم انداز.دور نما outlook:your attitude to life and world

موافقت approval:when a plan or person is officially accepted

فرو نشاندن stifle:to stop some thing from happening and developing in bad way

نا امیدی محروم سازی frustrating:feeling of being annoyed or upset because you can not do what

 you want

کمک کردن .همکاری کردن contribute:to help to make some thing happen

سیر و بیزار شدن رنجیده fed up:annoyed and bored and wanting some thing to change

 sandwiched:to be in a very small space between two other things

برتری داد.امتیاز.مزیت privilege:to treat some one better than other

پست و نامرغوب.دست دوم  inferior:not good or not as good as some one ore some thing else

[ سه شنبه سوم اسفند 1389 ] [ 11:8 ] [ rare ] [ ]
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